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Thread: food advice

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    food advice

    I was just wondering if the product D.T. Phytoplannkton has the same affect as the Cyclop-Eeze for feeding reef tanks

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    IMHO..if you want serious results try live phytoplankon and Rotifers..although DT is live I believe..but not as good as fresh phyto..I'm no expert tho..

    I was using cyclop-eeze and DT...tank was doing well but once I started adding the Reef Crew stuff my tank went nuts. Shrooms are huge cups..zoo's are growing at an amazing rate.
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    DT`s is live food,the cell count is very high with diffrent strains of Phyto in it.
    I woudnt place cyclop and Dt`s in the same boat due to the size of each organism.
    ReefCrew is a Live Phyto also and is good Canadian product. Nice thing about ReefCrew is that they raise diffrent types of live foods live pods,Rotifers,mysid and artemia.


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