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    Tunze Stream Pump

    Has any had the chance to try out the Tunze Stream Pumps? Opinions please... I plan to have a few(6060's) arrive next week but wanted to see if anyone has had any experiences with them first. Thanks in advance.


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    So far all I've heard are good reviews.

    Only downside is that people comment on how bulky they look in the tank.

    Could explain that fake rock cover thingy they sell to cover it up. :

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    My friend has 3 of them on his tank ( Van, you know who...), and he absolutely loves them. I like them too and the controller that you can get for them do an incredible job of managing/programming them.
    So far from what I've heard/seen firsthand from someone who has them is that they do not in fact suck in things like snails or small fish. This was a problem on the original design but has since been corrected. The intake grill goes practically all around the unit and even if a snail did indeed crawl onto the grate, it would make no difference. The only downside and regular maintenance would possibly rid this is that the intake grill has small enough slits that if your coralline growth is reall good and rampant, they can start to close up a tad fast. Cleaning and soaking the grill would solve this problem though. Other than this, I have heard only excellant things about them. Oh yeah, they ARE indeed on the big side but can easily be hidden in the rockwork.

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