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    Salut a tous et a toutes

    Je fait un tit sondages ,quelle poisson est selon vous le plus impressionant a voire ne aquarium merci d'avance John

    Hello has all and has all I makes a tit surveys, which fish is according to you more impressionant even has aquarium thank you d'avance Fish

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    Je te dirais John que le poisson qui m impressionne le plus a ce moment-ci, cest le ventralis anthias mais il y a tellement des poissons que je suis impressionne par... Je trouve egalement que les wrasses sont super!

    I would say that the fish that impress me the most AT THIS MOMENT is the Ventralis-Anthias but there is sooooo many fishes that i would be impress. Most wrasse are superb!

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    What kind of survey is he doing!!!!!

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