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Thread: Am I nuts???

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    Am I nuts???

    I changed my brand of salt about 3 weeks ago from Instant Ocean to Kent Marine. Since the change I have noticed that my corals are producing more vibrant colours, the star polyps are spreading and my toadstool leather has grown, the cyano in the tank has disappeared and the water is crystal clear.

    As stupid as this sounds, can a salt mix have that much of an impact on the environment?

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    IMO no not really unless your changing from a real crappy salt. IO is good salt. It was probally the water change itself[like a breath of fresh air] and with clearer water comes more light penetration.

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    I'd tend to agree with Johnny... keep up the water changes on a regular basis and get back to us on the difference it makes.
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    Thats the thing, I do the 20% water changes every 2 weeks like clock work.....

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