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Thread: 1st time nano

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    1st time nano

    ive set up a eclips 6 gallon bowfront, any tips?? Im an expearienced 50 gallon reefer,
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    I'm setting up a 10G nano right now. I've read great things at Weekly 10% water changes are good to keep things stable. Use a small reliable heater so the temp does not fluctuate too much. Keep the bioload low and pic your species so you don't get a war in there Hope this helps


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    An auto-topoff would be a good idea. Even the smallest amount of evaporation can cause a signifigant rise in SG.

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    An easy auto top:

    Get a float switch from Ivan and one of his batter powered air pumps. Add the float switch after the battery & hook it up to a 2L coke bottle.

    You have 3V DC at the switch and the the 2 D cells reported last a couple months. (I'll get back to you, I just did this about a week ago.)

    The coke bottle lasts about 4-5 days on my 10G nano.

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