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    Blue Ring Octopus

    I seek experiments perso on this octopus, which east are diet Merci d'avance John

    Je recherche des expériences perso sur ce poulpe ,quelle est sont régime alimentaire .Merci d'avance John

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    They mainly feed on small crabs,shrimps.They can eat fish if they catch one.When they made the lab test they found that they also eat each other.

    There are 4 species of the HAPALOCHLAENA

    -lesser blue ringed octopus
    -Greater blue-ring octopus
    -blue-ringed octopus

    They have a painless poison thats called tetrodotoxin wich there is no know antidote.

    it causes paralysis leading to respiratory arrest and then leads to cardiac arrest because of lack of oxygen.

    In my opinion Anyone who sells this octopus has no head on there shoulder.To me this specie should be kept in a marine center or were the chances of inocent people dont get exposed to the risk of getting bit for any reason whatsoever.

    Most likely within the next few minutes after a bit you will breathe your last breath.

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