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    Unhappy Royal gamma missing

    I bought a Royal gamma on Friday night, put him in my tank after the lights went out, and he immediatly went to the top corner of the tank and was there until the next morning, then when the light went on he took off somewhere, and I haven't seen him since. Is this normal of should I be worried?

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    I had one that hid for the first two or three days. He liked to hide in a crevice upside down, with his tail hidden. He found a spot in the rocks that food would pass by as he was hiding. After a few days, he was comfortable enough to come out.

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    that's right .. Give him a few days to get comfy. I'm sure he will show his face soon enough.

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    These little guys naturally hang out in caves and on walls. They can often be seen upside down or sideways along a cave ceiling or wall. They are not exactly a free swimming midwater fish. Give it time to settle in and be comfy with the tank. Eventually, you'll be seeing more of him.

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