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Thread: Naso tang

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    Re: Naso tang

    I don't have one but there is a huge one in the Reef pond at Oakville Reef Gallery.  It's a beauty.  It is so tame and gentle that you can literally pet and feed it from your hand.

    One warning, they grow big and fast.  They are a gorgeous fish but will out grow most tanks in very short time.  Here's a link to some info on them.

    These fish get up to 20 inches so keep it in mind.  
    Good Luck
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    Re: Naso tang

    RGA, do you have any mitrax crabs in your tank? Have you tried to trim it all way back and throw in a few of em in there? They might chew it all off the rock for you.

    They did that for me in the past for a pest macro around when they hit the hobby up here.

    Here's one of my tank shots ( 5 years ago?) with the macro algae they took care of:

    I was happy. I suspect this stuff was much tougher than Dictyota - it was on Figi rock.

    If you've tried emeralds, sorry..
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    Re: Naso tang

    I've had a naso in my 108 gal tank for over 6 months. I love this fish, one of those that got me interested. When I first got mine he was close 1.5- 2 inches didn't have much of the markings yet and he has grown maybe a inch and some of his marking are coming in. Extremely passive, peaceful, and a completely pig. Funny thing is before buying him I ran into many sites that said that they grow slow. He's with three other tangs and they all get along. I believe the one in the pic though is a blonde naso which are hard to come by. Good luck.

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    Re: Naso tang

    I had a Naso tang and he was a beautifull fish. I also had scads of that algae. My Naso ate every last shred of it. It no longer is in my tank. I got rid of him because he grew to about 5&quot; in no time. He ate everything I would put in. Nice fish for a large reef tank.
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