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    live rock demolition

    Hi guys

    i have to dismantle a wall of live rock and break it up into smaller pieces for aqua scaping my new tank, i have about 50 lbs of reef rock that i will set up first then try and cover this with the live rock from my 45g.
    my plan was to take out the live rock piece by piece,and break it up with a hammer over a tray containing saltwater, how long will i be able to keep the rock out of water without die off occuring? I probably need 10-15 mins per piece.


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    As long as you keep em nicely moist youl be fine.....I would have a little bucket of tank water on the side and splash teh rocks every now and then to keep them moist........sometimes when you buy LR from the stores they give it to you in a little bag of water with soaked papertowels on top of the rocks to keep them moist

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    Your rock will be fine. Like Volitan said just dip them in water every so often. I don't think there would be any die off on the rock if it was only out of the water for 10-15 mins a peice. I would only take the peices out as you smash them up, don't take them out of the tank all at once.


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    10-15 mins is cake. No worries about die off there. You're good to go for at least 30 mins without any special precautoins.

    I brought rock home in a bucket...4 hour drive...and had no problems.

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    An exception might be if the rock has sponges on it which you want to keep. These should be kept under water to avoid getting air inside them.

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    I wouldn't just use a hammer, you would lose too much to rubble that way. Try using a screwdriver or some kind of pick and hammer that throught the weakest part of the rock!
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    IME even the encrusting sponges will be OK. THey seem to survive shipping. It's the big sponges like tree sponges and ball sponges that you need to keep under water.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    I've had rock with encrusting sponges out of water for just over an hour and a half, and the sponges suffered no damage.

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    I was thinking more of the larger sponges which MomRules mentions.

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