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Thread: Yellow polup

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    Yellow polup

    I was wondering if anyone knew if red legged hermits (or any hermits) eat these polups or polups in general....all my softies are fine but my yellow is slowly disappearing. I have noticed the hermits up there quite a few times.


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    I know my blue legs are not touching the poylps but am not sure of the red legs
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    I like the red legged and left handed hermits... I havent seen any of them touch any of my corals in a way that would harm them.


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    Hermit crabs are usually reef safe, so i doubt if it would be one of them. I have two colonies of yellow polyps in my 180, and one is thriving, the other not doing much. It's maybe even lost a few polyps since I introduced it. I think it's the location. They do like a nice water current without being blasted. Are yours in an area where there is good current, or not much movement to speak of?

    It is also possible that you had a hitch hiker come in on your live rock. Nocturnal crabs have been a nuissance at times. You wouldn't even see them until the lights were out.

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    I have Blue Legs, Left-handed, and one Emerald. I've never seen them bother a coral. As far as Yellow Polyps go, I have a large colony and the success or failure definately has to with where they are placed current wise, and whether or not you feed them. Mulch up some seafood in the blender, and squirt them with a turkey baster....parazooanthus like to eat. :

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    Thx. for all the helpful info.
    The Polups are in a good current location IMO but I might try moving them again. I've been wrong on the odd occasion

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