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Thread: power failure

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    power failure

    lost power at home around 2 this afternoon and did not comeback till 8.30 my ups lasted about 5 hrs then the whole tank was completely in the dark how long would this be okay for before adding some type of circulation

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    You should really get the water moving asap. As soon as the lights go off and the water stops moving, things begin to go downhill- if the tank is really stocked or old, with deep sand beds, it won't take long for the oxygen content to drop along with the ph. I'd say around a 3 hours is all you really want to wait. An air stone can really work wonders when you have nothing else.

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    I to lost power today I used my 2 battery air pumps one in the Fuge and the other in the tank, when I came back it was back so I only lost it for 2-3 hours.

    Everyone should keep a few battery airpumps its great for these situations.


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    lucky you were at home...
    it would not have been nice if you werent.
    Is there anything we can do if its happens when we are not there?

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    Ive got 3 of these.....they do the work when your not there..its connected to your 115vac and when the power goes off it activates the air pump..this could save you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    Do they run off batteries Derik or do they charge themselves?
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    They run off batteries. The plug is to monitor the AC & they turn on when there's no power coming in throught the plug.

    You can buy them here too btw.

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    During the great blackout here in Upper Canada, my tank was left without power for 14 hours with no ill effects. Battery operated pumps or generators were no wheres to be found everyone was sold out. Back up resources weren't even a part of the inital plan until that day.....

    I did continue to monitor their environment, stayed up thru the night to keep a watchful eye out. Luckily the water quality remained normal.

    They slept the night away without a care in the least I think....

    Cause I operate on a canister filter, the filter was disconnected from the tank shortly after, rinsed when the power came back up....

    I guess all of us were lucky that we made it thru that unscathed.

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    I have an industrial UPS running off two deep cycle marine batteries.

    I have the sump return pump (Mag18) hooked up to this UPS, which should be able to provide me with about 12hours of power.

    My only concern is temperature. A power outage in the winter will make the water temperature fall drastically. Plugging just 1 250w heater to the UPS will let it last only 1/3 - 1/4 of the time that I already have.

    Luckily, I have a woodstove in the same room as the tank, which in the worst case, should be able to help.
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