Hi All,

I would like to build some deep blue LED banks to get the actinic iridescence found with actinic bulbs. I've tried some 380 - 410 nm ultra-violet LEDs I bought from a Hong Kong supplier on e-bay. At nightime the irridence is quite strong (though one hardly sees anything else). Each LED is not very bright and one would required at least 1000 LEDs to replace an actinic fluorescent VHO bulb.

My question is do the LED Moonlights show some actinic iridescence in corals? I'm curious because the Moonlight LEDs have a peak at 470 nm and the Philips actinic 03 fluorescent bulb has its peak at 420 nm. This quite a difference. In fact, looking at the spectra of the 470 nm LEDs, they produce very power at 420 nm. Maybe any deep blue would give the iridescence. If this is the case then the brighter 470 nm LEDs would be a better choice than the "ultra-violet" LED I have.