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    arrow crab reef safe or no

    Hello all,
    Now I has come accross much info on arrow crabs and it they are reef safe or not.
    Some say yes some say no, but I have yet to talk to someone who accually owns one.
    I think there are one of the coolest crabs and am thinking about getting one.
    Please anyone with any experience with one of these let me know ?

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    I have had one in my reef for about 8 months. It came on apiece of LR that I got from a friend. I have had no problem. I don't see him much but he makes an appearance once or twice a day. I was told it would grow huge but he hasn't grown at all lately. If I see him and put my hand close, he'll jump onto it.
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    I also have a fairly large arrow crab in my tank and it's been absolutely np.
    It doesn't bother the fish or the inverts or the softies. Mine seems to out quite a bit during the day but more at night when just the actinic is on.
    They're actually pretty kewl looking and mine will eat out of my hand.

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