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    Help...2 problems at once!

    Help... I need help! I have had a Eibli angel for almost 2 years. I have had two Squamosa's for 2 months. Never a problem till yesterday. Angel picking at clams. I have built a clam hut out of egg-crate to protect the clams for now. I am assuming I will have to tear down the Reef because I can't see how I will ever catch that fish it is very skittish and fast. The question how do I go about doing that? I have an empty 66 gallon tank and two garbage cans I use for makeup water. I have several powerheads and several heaters. I have 28 corals to move out and 120 lbs. of live rock, any help would be great. Problem number two, i have removed several small beige/cream colored slugs off of my clove polyps in the last few hours, this coral has been in my tank for almost a year, I have never noticed them before today. What happenned? I wish I had a pic. does anyone know what they are or ever seen them on their polyps? I have Lugols, when I tear down the Reef like I think I will have to, should I dip all the corals? Can someone help me with a game plan? I am overwhelmed, I just feel like giving up sometimes.......

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    You might want to try a fish trap first. I think Harley sells them.

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