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    Artifically colored corals

    Wet Web Media had this article by Anthony C,
    In the Pet and T-fish trade there are always some kind of wierd thing done to different types of Animals I had always found this to be wrong!

    Well now they have decided to alter the colors of corals and in doing that made it very hard for those corals to survive.
    Its a shame that there is no control on these practices,which is despicable.I have seen in the past on supplier lists from Indo Asst Acro and then Colored Acro,now I know why! and then the T-shipper or Store will call it RARE!
    It is upto the importers and stores not to support these types of dyed corals from Exporters. As reefkeepers we should not promote or buy into this type of buissness practice!

    Well read the article and post your views.


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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    I guess it is rare to know if it's 'natural' or 'dye' but I will NEVER support such practice either...

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    UNBELEIVABLE... As if the corals and other life forms we can currently get for our tanks isn't colorful enough already??? It is when stuff like this is going on that EVERYONE in the hobby gets a black eye. Retailers and buyers should boycott the outfits that sell this stuff OUTRIGHT until they get the message.

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    It's truly sad.
    I first read that article a year ago, then again in Anthony's book I think.
    It astounds me every time.
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    DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They dont look natural but do look tacky. Why change the colour of something that is already beautiful. It is up to the consumer to put a stop to this! If there is no demand, then supply will have to cease.
    We need more Indians!

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