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    Humor me

    I have been wondering why I have a zero nitrate count when I do my testing. Trust me I'm not complaining but I have a dual bio-wheel and I have read that with bio-wheels and with wet/dry that your always going to have a certain amount of nitrates readable. My tank is set up semi reef I huess you could say as I do have about 2" of LS on the bottom that I don't ever sift during a WC. Is it possible that this shallow amount of LS is acting as a poor excuse of a DSB in a way, therefor keeping my nitrates at zero?
    I hope I haven't confused you all with that explaination. All my other levels are fine also and the fish and the corals are doing great.
    My standard flurescent actinic and 50/50 and tricomatic bulbs will need to be replaced with better PC or MH later but my softies do just great right now with what I have.
    The tank is only 65g and has been established for about 1 year.

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    My wet dry filter started to show nitrates at about 8 months of age. It's was then replaced. If you have a small bio-load, then the Sand bed is doing the job. If you have a good amount of live rock this will also do the job. Frequent water changes at least once amonth may also be why your nitrates are zero. Keep doing what you're doing but if you use the biowheels, then keep testing nitrates once ina while to be safe. At night I'll bet you have lots of critters running around your sand bed and rock...if so it's healthy and that will help with the nitrates. Good Luck.

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    What test kit you using.Some test kits give different reading. I find that Salifert are the most accurate, but thats just my opinion.


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