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    Lightbulb Best Plant Fertilizers ??

    Need some advice from all you who use plant fertilizers.
    I have a tropical freshwater aquarium, 21Gallon.

    Some of the leaves are turning pale, yellow and then transparent. Some have algae hairs growing and the edges are a little brown-black and some appear broken.
    The aquarium conditions are good, it's denesly planted but I think I need a good fertilizer.

    It is probably a lack of Iron, and other nutrients. I was thinking to buy Seachem Flourish, 500ml, or Tetra's FloraPride.
    Before buying i wanted to ask the peoples here what works best.

    many thanks



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    I am using Kent Freshwater Plant and Pro-Plant, also Tropica Master Grow. However, the result is still no good. Also have your problems.

    I find that growing freshwater plants beautifully is very difficult.

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    Just remember I am also using Seachem Flourish tabs and AP Laterite for the substrate.

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    I read that plants and algae compete with eachother for nutrients, and that an aquarium should be heavily planted to start with.

    What I will do now are very frequent water changes. I will clean the gravell really good with a cleaer and during the process empty about 40% of the water. Then I will filter the dirty water into a bucket using a coffee filter. The water is slightly yellow in color. I will put the filtered water back in, and in a few days clean the gravell again, and repeat the process.

    I'll probably get a Seachem because they are experts in aquarium chemistry. They have a bottle for almost any nutrient available, ..Seachem Iron, Seachem Potassium..and so on.
    Maybe the cleaner water, gravel and Plant fertilizer will review some of the plants.
    Tetra's Florapride claims to make plants greener by helping to produce clorophyl.

    Did I mention I have a double flourescent canopy? A neon AquaGlo, and a neon Sun glo. I think lighting is more then adequate in my case.

    I read in some books that it's a good idea to use an undergravel heater..that's right. It warms the plant roots,..helps with growing..

    Maybe we should pick up some books from the library on aquarium plants, or do some research on the internet.

    all the best, we'll keep in touch.
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