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    Lighting Question

    The only stupid question is a question not asked.
    When I read from various sources that certain lighting sources need to be replaced after say 6 months...are they talking on average or is their a certain # of hours bulbs last. Is it 6 months/24/7 or is it say 6 months 12/7?
    I know this depends on the type of lighting but what is the standard by which they calculate this?

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    All lights have a change in their spectrum over time. A MH bulb for instance will last at times several years but after a year you'll see a change in the light spectrum. The signs of this are change in algae growth and other decline's in the water quality. Very general but that's in a nut shell why.
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    Depending on the ballast involved, electronic ballast will increase the life of a bulb. I run 4 lamps on a Icecap ballast and I can get 12-14 months out of the lamps with no ill effects on the reef, when I ran them on a tar ballast I had to change them every 9 months.
    I also have a Workhorse electronic ballast .will be interested to see how long the bulbs will last.


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