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    Just found a mushroom!

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently setting up my 10G nano and I've been curring my rock now for about 1.5 weeks. I was looking at my tank tonight and I found what clearly is a bleeched mushroom. I never noticed it before because I thought it was just some other die off. I'm unsure of what the original color of it was but I can see some pink on it's base. What I'm wondering is what are the chances that this thing will make it? The coral is pretty much all white but I think I can make out some purple on it (might be because of my actinics). I think it's probably already dead and there's no hope for it but I figured I'd ask to see what you all think.



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    If anything would make it out alive it would be a mushroom. I must admit that they are one of the most hardy creatures around. I once had a pom pom boxer crab that took a liking to a small hairy mushroom of mine. He picked it up and caried it around with him for months until the crab suddenly died. The mushroom withered away to almost nothing from the stress of the crab. Today I still have that same mushroom. It basically came back from the dead.


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    Good to know ... maybe there's hope after all

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