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    Reef Crew Now Availabe at Aquaria Canada

    Reef Crew Products are now available through Aquaria Canada
    If you are located in the Ottawa Area and don't want to pay for overnight shipping you can now order your Live Marine Food through a local retail outlet.

    You can now also purchase Reef Crew Products through the Aquaria Canada Web Site.

    In order to ensure that the Live Marine Food you have ordered is at its freshest, Reef Crew will be delivering all orders to the store on Saturday Morning by 12:00pm each week.

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    Canadian Marine Enthusisats have been waiting for a company like ReefCrew for a while now.

    There is nothing better than live food IMO and I'm predicting this to be the next wave in keeping a reef and its inhabitants healthy.

    ReefCrews current products include Phytoplankton and Rotifers with new products planned in the future including Copepods: Late October, Mysid Shrimp: December, and Artemia TBA.

    If anyone has any questions in regards to their product line.. feel free to post them here. You'll also find more information on their website.

    Welcome aboard ReefCrew :thumb:


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