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    fluval 304

    Anyone else having problems with bursts of micro bubbles?? I have the new version of the fluval 304 for about 3 weeks now and other than the bursts of micro bubbles (like 1 big burst every minute or 2) it works well for me. Any suggestions on how I can minimize this or any advice would be great because it's driving me nuts :hammerhea

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    I've got a maintenence tank that had one of those and it was nothing but a pain. I got rid of it and bought a Rena XP3. Much better filter but hey that's just me. I have short patience!!!

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    mp123.....I have a Fluval 404 and I sent Hagen an email outlining the same problem, this is the response I got

    In order for air to be ejected from the output of your filter it is most
    likely the result from filter inserts that have not been pre-rinsed
    before installation to eliminate trapped air (often the case with
    carbon), or, air that is being injected from another source (example
    skimmer (very likely) or pump function from low sump levels) that is not
    as noticeable and accumulates in the 404 and is periodically expelled in
    larger batches. Another possibility is that hose connections at the
    filter are not secure and air is being aspirated into the filter. Try
    evaluating the above as potential reasons.

    Best regards,

    Tom Sarac,
    Rolf C. Hagen Inc.

    Not too satisfactory, I have had it for 2 years and I find it's hit and miss now, can't isolate a specific cause, just that it happens now occasionally. HTH, Steve.

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    i had the same problem and it was the line that goes into that long tube of the intake that was not in enough.......

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    You have to tilit the fluval from side to side in order for it to eject all the air bubbles that are trapped inside.

    One good method is to put it sideways and slowly put it right side up until no more bubbles shoot out. The instant it shoots bubbles, go back a bit.
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    I've tried pretty much everything with it I even shortened the hose to make an exact fit so there were no bends in the line or anything... Steve would this problem still be there almost 2 months after I purchased it with the filter pads not being pre rinsed??
    Also I have heard about the rena xp filters thanks for the heads up piatchie.. anyone else thy this one and have any pros and cons about it? I've also heard that you can buy a mesh screen and place into the fluval and will stop or greatly decrease the micro bubbles that will spurt out anyone else hear this?

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    ALl it is is like salty said is trapped air. I have the same filter and had the same problem untill I got rid of all the air. I did this by prerinsing the media I use, only carbon and poly filter, before use and keep using the priming plunger on top of the filter until no more bursts of micro bubbles can be seen. Usually takes a few more plunges after its been in operation. This works well for me, but it might be an exception. Good luck with it. Try to eliminate the simple stuff first before tackling the big stuff that could cause the problem. Also check to ensure all fittings are tight.

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    So does anyone else here use the rena xp filters ?

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    Have one for the new 125. Its the xp3 model. Just going to use it as a place to add a sponge and carbon when needed.

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