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    Chromis seeks Nemo, in sump

    Yesterday, I notice one of my three chromis was not around. Kept an eye through the day, moved a couple of rocks and never saw him. I just figured he became cleaner shrimp and snail food.

    Before I go to bed, I do a tank check. Included is a sump water level check. And guess who I see. He was in the return pump compartment of my sump.

    I still have not figured out how he got there. My first guess is he slid through the overflow teeth when he was sleeping. Two of them hand around the overflow after lights out. If he did the overflow, he also jumped two sump baffles to get to the end where the pump is. My second guess is that he jumped over the back of the tank. There is a two inch section at the top of the tank that is clear of obstruction. Once over the top, he would have fallen into the sump, as it sits six inches beyond the back of the tank.

    He seemed to be in good shape, I was tired and dd not feel like a battle. I fed him and went to bed. Tonight I got him back with his buddies. Does not appear to be any harm and he is acting as if nothing happened.

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    Wow... that's one adventurous little fish I bet you were pretty surprised to see him in your sump hehehe

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    Very surprised. He is one tough little cookie. I am just glad I use a mag 9.5. Anything stronger and he may have been returned to the tank in a not so nice fashion.
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    I'm also surprised he did not find the pump. Lucky little bugger.

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    One of my clown fish in my tank at home keeps going down into the sump tank!
    I have an 'egg-crate' over the overflow box but he's just small enough to fit through. He usually ends up in the sump tank about every 2 weeks. I guess he enjoys the ride.
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