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    Things that cause pH to go down

    I've been discovering a number of things that can lower pH recently that I wasn't aware of. I thought it might be helpful to share what I've learned and it would be great if others could add to the list as well.

    low oxygen
    stresscoat & possibly other medications
    turning off your skimmer
    too high alkalinity
    too low alkalinity

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    How bout using Fe-based phosphate removers such as ROWAphos.

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    Are you stating that ROWAphos recuces the pH reading, or are you asking whether it does?
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    Well i have super high alk and my ph keeps droping down....I just put in a brand new ph probe today...hopefully it was part of the the problem..i dougt it though.....

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    Here's an article regarding ferrous oxide phoshate reducers.
    It explains why you may be having problems with your pH dropping when you use ROWAphos and have high alk levels.
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    Vince, rowa and phosban will have a lowering effect on ph, but it comes back. You probably know this by now after reading that article that Dalen posted
    By the way
    Volitan, as Flame pointed out a high alk can lower and hold the ph as well as low alk.
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    Thanks guys for stepping in. I guess I should have been clearer with my statement. Matt and Dalen. Thanks for clarifying.

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