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    increasing salinity

    Just curious what other people do to control their rising salinity... I do not have a sump and am not getting one due to lack of room unfortunatly.

    Currently I just add water every 4-5 days to the tank with a lower salinity to balance out and bring the salinity back down to 1.023 usually goes up to 1.25 and worst case 1.026... When I bring it back down it's usually very slow and I've ben doing this for months now and things are fine just wondering if there is a better way because I know that this cant be good for my corals or fish... Anyone with suggestions??

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    mp123, in my case, I just add fresh water every day to bring it back to a preset level. As water evaporates, the salinity level will increase. The dissolved salt volume does not change but the water volume decreases as aresult of evaporation. Hence the salinity increases.

    I use a sump and have a mark where I keep the water level. The same could be done with your tank. Just put the mark in an inconspicuous spot and try to maintain the water at that level. When water evaporates, just pour in fresh water to that level.
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    Your salinity should not be rising beyond what can be corrected when you "top up" with "fresh" water. If the tank were leaking and you were losing water the top ups would decrease salinity. If too much salt is lost over a long period of time by way or salt creep .. the salinity would also be decreasing. If it is sturdily increasing something is wrong? Make sure where you do your water changes that the newly mixed water is at the same temperature as the tank and that all the salt used to make it is fully dissolved before taking a salinity reading. Be sure use a reliable salinity testing device.

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    OSD, when I mix my water I keep it mixing in a large rubbermaid container with a heater and a power head to mix up the salt properly. I was just curious if everyone was topping up with water my only concern is that it wont be at 79 degrees like the rest of the tank if I do it every day that is why I've been doing it every 4-5 days but I don't like having the fluctuations in salinity because of water evaporation... Would the daily water top off need to be at tank temps?

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    I have a 20gallon container that has 1/4" tube to feed the sump the top-up water and a 1/2" tube that allows air into the container when the water level in the sump drops.
    I refill the container about every 2 weeks and it keeps my sump level the same all the time.
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    mp123, it doesnt NEED to be at tank temperature IMO but that could depend on your setup. In my case I have built an auto-top off which tops off whenever the sump water level brings down my float switch, usually not much water is added at once since the evaporation is always constantly beeing topped off and hence I don't see a temp drop, and I only have a 20G system with 10G sump. My top-off water is at room temperature although (74-80F). But even though you had water at say a (65F) temperature and you add say 1G of it to an 80G tank, I don't think you will see any temperature drops either because the higher volume at tank temperature will warm up the newly added freshwater pretty fast.

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