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Thread: Sump sharring?

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    Sump sharring?

    Does anybody have 1 sump that shares between 2 tanks?

    What are the advantage and disavantage of this?

    Is this just stupid?

    I remember somebody talking about this once...


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    Shops do this all the time. One risk is that both tanks will be exposed to each others water including diseases, ammonia etc. Good points include larger total water volume because it become ONE setup, a slight smaller foot print unless you go with a bigger sump, less duplication of equipment like skimmers and reactors and everything for both tanks in one place for power supply, water supply and servicing.

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    You must also take into account that the sump must be able to hold enough water for when the power goes out... Anti-siphon holes only go so far... you still get some water from the main tank.
    Checkvalves would be good WITH antisiphon holes.
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