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    When to feed Golden Pearls?

    When do you feed Golden Pearls ( active spheres)?

    Before the actinics in the morning?
    When the halides are on?
    During the actinics before night?
    At night when all lights are closed?

    Does it make a difference?

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    I don't know if it makes any difference, but I feed GP with the actinics on just a few minutes before lights out. I choose that time because it when I see most of the extended polpys/tentacles on the corals. I then figure, once the lights are out, the pods can then go for whatever's still around.
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    I feed mine after all the lights go out. In the oceans corals mostly feed at night. Also, my clams don't like golden pearls in the water but don't seem to mind it at night when they are mostly closed up anyway.

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