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    I just bought the Marine Fish & Reef USA 2005 annual

    Marine Reef and Fish USA is your fundamental guide to establishing and maintaining a marine reef aquarium.


    Editor's Note
    Reliable Saltwater Info

    Nutrients at Work in the Home Reef
    It can be tricky to calculate the nutritional dynamics of your system.
    By Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D.

    Secrets to Successful Mandarinfish Keeping
    Despite its reputation, this exotic fish may not be so difficult to keep.
    By Richard F. Stratton

    A Glossary of Reef-Speak
    Are you familiar with all these reefkeeping concepts?
    By Pete Mohan

    40 Eradicate Red Slime
    Persistence is important - it can take months to get rid of this nuisance.
    By Randy Donowitz

    Common Crabs for Aquariums
    Imagine one of these hard-shelled critters scuttling around in your tank.
    By Julian Sprung

    A Turbulent Lifestyle
    Never neglect the importance of water motion in a reef tank.
    By Richard Harker

    Personality-Packed Puffers
    One of these 11 species of puffer- and porcupinefish may (or may not) be right for you.
    By Jay Hemdal and Jeff Kurtz

    Protein Skimmers Help Your Tank Thrive
    Find out how they work, and why you should consider adding one to your system.
    By J. Charles Delbeek, M.Sc.

    The Importance of Urchins
    Reef ecology is affected by many animals - this project proves the importance of Diadema.
    By Martin A. Moe, Jr.

    Bizarre Beauty of the Deep
    Encounter some of the most fascinating creatures of the underwater cosmos.

    Great Fish for Nano-Reefs
    There are some showy smaller species that do great in nano-reef tanks.
    By Scott W. Michael

    Sump Improvement
    For starters, consider an upside-down sand bed.
    By Dr. Charles Matthews

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    Is this a book or a magazine? Where did you get it?


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    Magazine. Check your local LFS. They may have it or pet store that sells magazines.
    180g with 2 x 54g corner bowfront bookends. 220 FOWLR in the works, 75g sump, 75g fuge, 75g QT.
    Solaris I4 72", 2 x 150 HQI Outer Orbit Pendants, Reeflo Orca 250, Profilux controller, Tunze 6101's and 6055's, Deltec CA Rx, PM Kalk Mixer, PM SR45 reactors.

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    you could get that issue at multi mags in the west island beside the chapters store here on st. jeans blvd.

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