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    I have a new BABY!

    Got the new baby NASO tang tonight....2 incher.......placed him in the tank and he started eating my Dictyota 5 minutes later.

    Now have 9 chromis, 1 leopard wrasse, 1 royal gramma , 1 naso tang and 1 green and red clown goby along with about 55 corals...........need a bigger tank

    Gonna get a min 240 next year in time for the Naso growth issue........
    Anyways ...just babbling on.

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    Cool :biggrinbo
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    sweet, I'd say post a pic, but I'll be over tomorrow to see him.

    I have Dictyota showing up here and there where my tangs can't get it, I think, so, so far so good. Damn stuff.
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    did you get the BLOND NASO[A.K.A LIPSTICK?]

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