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Thread: Too soon?

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    Too soon?

    How do you know when its ok to start adding corals? I would like to start with some blue mushrooms (anyone know where I can get some?), and something my tomato clown can host in. I understand clowns will host in corals if an anemone isnt present. From what I read anemones require a very mature tank.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Mushrooms are a good coral to start with. I think a tank needs time to mature and stabilize before adding corals. There is no set rule for time but essentially you want the Calcium and Alk at desired levels (450 for calcium and 8-11 dkh) and nitrates as close to zero as possible. I waited 18 months before adding my first coral and the ones I have seem to be doing well. I would say I waited longer than you need to but still wouldn't recommend adding corals to a tank less than 6 months old. This is just my opinion but shrooms are definately a hardy choice to begin with - good luck!

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    get yourself a nice hardy toadstool leather. great starter and your clown will 98% take to it. and there frikiin gorgeous. mushrooms as well

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    and NO dont get an anemone for a while. make sure you can keep the "easies" before you keep the anemonies. learn the easy way!

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    I adede a Mushroom roch to my tank as soon as the cycle was over! Still have it today, almost 2 years later!!! It has spread Shrooms all over the tank!!!! I just recently (like the last 2months) started to add Corals! I now have 2 Candy Canes, a Zoo Colony, a Frog Spawn (Thanks Ivan!), and some Star polyps! They all are doing Great! As for Anemonies, I've never had any luck with them! My Perc spends his time hosting my mini Power-Head!!!! Shrooms are a good choice to star with! i also added a few Tube Anemonies after the first couple of months but the Clowns don't host those, their nice to look at though!!

    Hope this helps!

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    Clowns "can" host in corals and there are many stories of ones that have hosted in hammers, goni's, hairy shrooms etc. But that's no guarantee.
    My Clowns refused the anemone and corals and mated 24/7 everywhere and slept on the glass bottom in the same corner every night (before I added the DSB).
    Tomatoes will host in BTA's.
    Anemones move around the tank, so any other corals will be in it's destructive path. they are good measures of water quality and IMHO you need experience to keep one successfully.
    Make sure that the anemone is at least twice the size of the Tomato, or it will likely kill it, (as did mine).
    I don't know how old your tank is, and the info would be great...
    A mature tank = A stable tank. ( All parameters are stable, that is the aquarist has figured out how to maintain this...) and I'd recommend a mature tank. Alot less fretting!!!!
    Shrooms are great for a beginner, they were my first and survived all sorts of fumbles along the way including being dropped on the floor by the LRS when bagging them for me.....
    Not all shrooms are as easy to keep as others, though you should be safe with the ones you described.
    What is your lighting? Placement will influence color in many cases and as a general rule they don't like high light, mine colored up really well on the bottom of the tank, and just to throw a spanner in the works, a friend of mine has fluro pink, green and blue ones that lost color at the bottom and re-colored 3/4 way up the tank under 3x250MH (go figure).
    That reminds me of another question... and a new thread..
    You're on the right track with shrooms and sarcs, they are hardier.
    When, and if you decide to get a sarc, make sure that there are no black dots on it at all.
    What are your parameters and how much do they fluctuate over a week or two? (if they do)..
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    My tanks is still pretty new. It was setup in June, and has been up and running about 6 months. Brief description of the tank:

    25 gallon
    1-2" bed aragamax sand
    approx 30lbs live fiji rock
    penguin 1140 power head
    hagen 300 power head
    Seaclone 100 Skimmer
    Aquaclear 200 filter with sponge, and activated charcoal media
    penguin mim filter with Phosban and Green-X media
    100 watt heater
    110Watt Power Compact lights 10K with Actinic

    Water parameters
    Temp 81
    Specific Gravity 1.024
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 10
    Calcium 380
    Ph 8.1
    Phosphate 0.1

    My parameters dont fluctuate much from week to week, but I still have afew problems to wrinkle out. Im hoping the addition of a fuge and an RO unit will help with the nitrate and phosphate problems. I understand that you would like to have a calcium level of around 420. I cant seem to keep mine high enough, and Im not sure how to fix this.

    Thanks everybody for the help. Im still really new at this and it all helps.

    27 Gallon Saltwater tank, 110W PC Light, Seaclone 100, 5 gallon HOB Fuge,Approx. 30lbs Live rock, Aragamax sand substrate.
    Tomato clown, Mandarin dragonnet, Bicolor Angel, Assorted hermits and snails, Cleaner Shrimp.
    Assorted mushrooms, Zoanthids, Finger Leather.

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