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    i got another qestion

    at work i broke a coral, oopsie! haha, anyways if i am to put it somewere, will it grow again?

    stupid qestion but its worth an ask

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    Corals break all the time... either by accident or on purpose(FRAG). Many reefers do this to substitute the cost of running a reef, trim and keep fast growing corals managable... or even to trade for new pieces.

    Most SPS can be easily fraged, Softies and LPS are a bit more tricky but doable. Many mount them on a piece of rock... frag plate(home made rock) or even a rose holder(plastic tube). If your frag survives the first week... it will more than likely live and grow into a clone of its parent.

    What type of coral is it?


    P.S. so such thing as a dumb question

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