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    fish feeder...

    I'm looking for advice on a fish feeder for my tank to use while I am gone on vacation... I will have a friend come over and top up water levels every 2nd day but have no one to feed the fish every day. I heard while I went to BA's that I cant use any fish feder if I want to use freze dried goods.. My fish are VERY fussy and only a few eat flakes or pellets so freeze dried and cyclopeeze will have to do.. Is there any fish feeder that will work?? This is what I was looking at BA's didnt have this one but because they are seperate compartments I figured it would work.. What do you all think.. Pros/cons and suggestions would be GREAT !

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    I looked at one a serval others, no depending on the size of tank and fish you have, all of the feeder i ran into accually feed way to little, and only spread it along the top of the water surface, to me these feeders are designed for 20 gal or smaller with fresh water fish or small very few marine fish in mind. I wouldn't bother with any, if you have a friend coming over every 2nd day ask him to feed to. You fish will be fine being feed every second day for quite some time, heck there are some people that all they feed.

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    I thought the fish should be fed every day twice a day thats what I am feeding them right now.

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    If the fish are well fed (as they probably are with your feeding schedule), they will be fine fasting a little. The important thing to remember to tell your friend is to feed them the same amount you do, even if it's every second day. That way, the food will not decay and cause problems later. When I went on vacation I bought a pill box (divided by days) and filled it up with the feedings. This ensured that my mother-in-law fed the same amount each time she was over to care for them. Many people do the same. Your fish should be fine.

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