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    Downstream Refugium...

    I am currently installing a 20G refugium into my 33G sump. I have the overflow feeding into one side spilling over into the refugium which then spills over to the return. I'm just curious about other things I should be looking at like additional flow and lighting.

    My plans so far are to put a PC fixture housing 2x65W 50/50 bulbs.
    3-4" fine coral sandbed.
    20-25lbs of live rock and reef bones.
    Within the rockwork I was going to install a maxi-jet 1200.

    Im just curious about the flow since with the water coming in one end and going out the other, its going to be very linear.
    Also curious about the lighting schedual for the refugium as compared to the main tank.

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    I'd put the lighting on a reverse schedule than the tank to help stabalize ph.
    All of the stuff going into the fuge sounds good. I don't know if you have to bother putting the maxi in the rocks- just makes it harder to remove it for periodic cleaning. as long as the water is getting mixed around a little in there, it'll be fine

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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