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    Adding livestock to refugium...?

    I've just finished getting the water flowing through my downstream refugium and was wondering what I should/shouldn'd add for livestock. I was planning on adding some astrea snails to keep the problem algae in check and some cerith snails for going through the sandbed.

    I have a couple of turbo snails that I would like to add but am unsure if that would be a good idea or not.

    I have added a Maroon clown to the mix since the ocellaris clowns want to kill it in the main tank, but that will probably be the extent of any fish in the refugium.

    Future additions would be some sort of sand sifting star and maybe an urchin.

    Any other ideas/concerns would be apprecited.

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    algae growth in the refugium is good, as its consuming crap from the water, Snails are alright, I would not keep any Fish in there as the whole point is for pods and such to grow and the clown fish would be consuming them.

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    agree with toooloud.. The refuge is not a second tank it is a SAFE place for pods and other life that fish would make FAST snack of.

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    I have snails and crabs in my sump but nothing but algae in my fuge.

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    Brittle & Serpent stars are good for the sand, but no sand sifting stars. These guys are only sifting to find all the little bugs to eat. A mopping cuke would also be good. And perhaps a Queen conch too.

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