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    He was lost but now is found....

    I put a 'watchman' goby in my tank several months ago.
    Saw him a couple of times over the next fews days, and then, nothing for 2 months! I figured he was gone.... :-(

    Doing some work on the sump tonight, and yahoo! There he was, hiding near the protein skimmer. He wasn't easy to catch little guy.

    I've had to remove one of my clown fish from the sump several times and never noticed the goby.

    I'm glad he's safe and swimming/watching happily in the main tank. :-)

    Just thought I share that with all of you.
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
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    Patrick, glad he showed up. They are such cute little things.

    I picked one up from Ivan a couple weeks ago. He does not sit out front, but rather at the side of the tank in the rocks. Fortunately I can see him.

    180g with 2 x 54g corner bowfront bookends. 220 FOWLR in the works, 75g sump, 75g fuge, 75g QT.
    Solaris I4 72", 2 x 150 HQI Outer Orbit Pendants, Reeflo Orca 250, Profilux controller, Tunze 6101's and 6055's, Deltec CA Rx, PM Kalk Mixer, PM SR45 reactors.

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    nice.. gone for 2 months.. wow.. i'd declare it dead.. I have damsels that left but never showed up again... its been months.. they did'nt jump nor are they in my sump.. so i presume they are dead.. eaten by my snails and crabs.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    Maybe it's to to modify the overflow Great story Patrick ... glad to see your fish is o.k.

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    I have a screen over the overflow, but the spacing is about 1cm sqauare (flurecent light cover, aka egg-crate). Guess he was small enough to squeeze through.
    Hopefully he'll pair up with the pistol shrimp (whom I haven't seen in a while either....)
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
    Yahoo IM: pwallnfld

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