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    What is going on??

    A couple of weeks ago I found a few dead hermits. Yesterday a few more why are my hermits dieing ?
    Looks like they are being yanked out of their shells , just bodies no shells.
    Checked my water ammonia=0, nitrates=5 , nitrites=5 ,ph=8.1 temp=80.
    Going to do 20% water change on the weekend.
    System has been up for 10 months.
    Nothing added in the last 3 months.
    Fish are all doing great.

    I should add before Christmas same thing was happening , thought it was the bigger hermits doing it . We took them out and put them in the 75 gal. with only rock.

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    Do you have some empty shell for them? you need different size of them. Hermits are going to fight to get a bigger shell when they grow bigger...

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    Do you have any aggressive or semi-aggressive fish in there tha might be going hungry? I had the same thing happen to the snails in my FW setup. It was just some aggressive fish shaking around the snail until it came out.
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    Nitrites at 5 is too high ... your nitrites should be next to nothing if not nothing. How many pounds of live rock do you have? How many pounds of sand? Do you have alot of livestock in that tank? Other than hermits what do you have for a cleanup crew? If your nitrites are high like that it means that you don't have the necessary bacteria to break it down to nitrates. If something dies in your tank and you don't have enough critters to eat it up it will end up causing an amonina/nitrite spike in your tank. If you're seeing alot of dead critters in the tank and nothing is eating them up I would remove them asap and do a large water change.

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    yeah, nitrites really must be zero. It is really weird that you have nitrite- when is the last time you added live rock, and has anything dissapeared lately?
    what are your alkalinity and calcium levels? hermits need proper levels of these to do well.

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    A few of my crabs have died and I noticed that they do tend to end up out of the shells because once they die they are not holding themselves in anymore. As they rot and create gas within their dead bodies they become neutrally buoyant and sort of float out.

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    While we're on the topic of hermit crabs, I put in a bunch of hermit crabs a while back and one of them actually 'fell' out of it's shell and was walking around without a shell. It did find it's shell once again and crawled back inside.
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    He may have been looking for a better fit. Do you have spare shells in the tank for them to pick through?

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    After reading the replies to my post, I decided to retest nitrites because I didn't think my nitrite readings were not that bad.
    Well after doing a retest I felt just a bit stupid nitrites are not 5 but 0.1 Why I was I put 5 I don't know think I was sleeping or something.
    For those of you asking calcium is 440 , only have hagen test kit for alk it is reading 120ppm , going to get better test kit on the weekend.

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