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Thread: Baby Xenia ?!?

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    Baby Xenia ?!?

    Hi All,

    My tank has now been setup for approc 2 months. Today as I was doing a waterchange I noticed a rock had a few 2-3cm sized "plant/coral" growing from it in a small batch that kind of looks like xenia. I have never had xenia in my tank but I do know that the previous owner of the live rock did have a fair amount. All the xenia was removed when the tank was setup and my tnak has also gone through a cycle. Could this in fact be xenia ? could it have survived the cycle and grow out of the rock like that ? It is redish/burgundy in color and looks more like xenia than any type of algae i've ever seen.


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    If you have even the smallest piece of xenia left on the rock it will grow into stalks. Note in the pic the small bunch on the left. I ripped (not recommended..use a razor when fragging) the xenia off. I thought it was clean to the rock but a couple month later I have new stalks. Just let it'll know if it's xenia in a month or so.

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    Some people go so far as to call Xenia a weed, like those dandelions that never leave your lawn, for very long...:

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    That looks to be exactly what it is... except about the size of a pencil tip.

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