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Thread: Black Algae?

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    Black Algae?

    My setup is just over a year old and so far so good. I have some softies, some LPS and some SPS. Lately, on the rocks, glass, snails there is appearing what looks like some kind of black algae. Does anyone have any idea what this is and why it is occurring. Any idea how to get rid of it?

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    Hello JFM, Welcome to Aquaria Canada, You'll find its very helpful here. I've also had black algae in my tank and have found that it was caused by dead spots or areas that had low flow. Try pointing a bit more flow in these areas and see if it helps! I'm pretty sure more experienced reef keepers will kick in with some more ideas!
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    welcome to AC JFM

    That would be diatoms. It's not real algae so to speak. Good flow as mpleleaf pointed out is a good way to start managing it. However it is most likely there because your nitrate levels are on the move in an upward trend. Nitrate is GOOD food for unwanted algae so check your water for nitrate and for that mater phosphates as well and take corrective action as necessary. Nitrate management is often the first stumbling block after a tank appears to be well settled.

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