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    big chunk missin from marble star??????

    ive had'em for about 4 months. was always fine, never a problem. i come home tonight and see what looks like a big chunk taken from his arm/shoulder area. i dont think any of my fish have the punch to do this. 2 tomato clowns, one saddleback, one red coris wrasse, one yellow tang, one black and white damsel thats VERY terretorial. what could have done this. does this star have the capacity to drop an arm? if so does it drop off clean or does it look like this. i have onepowerhead intake exposed, but its a small rinkydink 150 gph. i dont think i could have done this, could it????? help me out, will it survive this trauma. maybe its already dead, it looks fine. whattya think?

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    starfish are alot harder to keep than people think,they don't ship well,they need very mature/old tanks and they also need to be acclimated for a seriously long time 4 to 6 hours. even then they could last a few months but slowly starve. the acuall diet of these creatures is really not understood. yours doesn't look good. They really stink when they die so be carefull he doesn't pollute your tank.

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    Ya I had one and it was doing fine up to one day and all of a sudden I watch him fall of the front glass and started to rot away. So I took him out. Pretty crappy. There cool looking creatures. Wish I still had mine. If I was to put the blame one one of the fish in your tank that would do something like that I would have to say the black and white damsel. I got two of them. Nasty little fish. There like satin of the sea!!!I had to move mine from my main tank to my QT. Way to nippy.
    Mike Philpott

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