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    Clown in Star polops

    Has anyone ever heard of a clown try star polops as a host? I was watching mine last night and he was trying to get inside it. The little star polops "arms" are not really long enough to cover him yet but he's trying!!! To funny.
    Mike Philpott

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    Clowns will try to host anything they want and can. They even host powerheads sometimes!!!

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    I have two tomato clowns and for a while they hosted the hairalgae growing on the back wall of the Now they've each found their niche, one hosts the green hairy mushroom and the other a big group of xenia. It too trys to get into the fold of the xenia branches almost ramming it at times!lol
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    My female Perc was hosting a Feather Duster for the longest time! she's gone now but I still have the male. he just hangs out in the back upper corner all day!

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    ok well i'm glad that I don't have a freak Clown!!!LOL To funny.
    Mike Philpott

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