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Thread: Bristtle Worm

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    Bristtle Worm

    Hey,,,just got home today and sat down in front of the Aquarium,,,you know,,,nose to the glass, looking and watching everything.
    Well saw something new which I have no idea how I have never seen it before..I have a bristle worm, he was at the back of the tank, in a cave/dark area so I'm thinking this is what it was. But it was big,,,,,as thick as my baby finger and the part of the body I was able to see was about 8 inches long with more of the body still in the rocks. Brownish, with alot of biege coloured legs all along its sides. Moved very fast too from what I thought it would. I have a picture but I'm having problems downloading to here...the file is so large...(digital Canon Rebel ).
    Can someone send me a couple pictures or links so I can match this one up...
    Thanks...oh,,,they are good to have right ?

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    You can see picutres of Bristle Worms here

    and you can resize your image using mspaint if you're on windows. Open your image in mspaint and then go to

    image ->stretch/skew and for vertical and horizontal you can type anything less than 100 to reduce the size of the image. Example 50 vertical and 50 horizontal will give you an image that is half the size of the original.

    Hope this helps,


    p.s: That is a HUGE worm

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    Pic posted in new thread

    Picture posted in this thread.

    20G Reef Tank (Starting again...)

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