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    Ordering Corals and getting them shipped.

    I'm wondering how many people order corals through the mail, and get them delivered. I'm starting to want some different kinds, and seems the only way is odering on-line.
    Does anyone know of some good stores to order from, and also any that are from across the border that will deliver to Canada.
    I will also be driving across the border at Sarnia, or Windsor in the summer and wondering if anyone knows a good store just on the states side that they have had good dealings with.
    Thanks Kevin.

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    I've ordered corals through the mail, but not actual livestock. My mail piece of advise is not to order during the cold winter months, and stay away from the really hot months. Also, pay the extra $ and have stuff shipped over night. Doing these two things will greatly increase your odds that stuff will arrive in good condition.

    There are various places that are Canadian based and will ship anywhere in Canada (this site being one of them). Start by going here:

    In addition, there is J&L Aquatics in BC, and MOPS for just about anything non-living.

    Very few vendors in the US will ship anything live to Canada.

    As for driving over to the States and bringing anything live back, I suggest you do some reading first. There are cross boarder laws covering just about everything live from a reef and pretty much all of it requires permits (do a search here on "CITES" and read away). I personally wouldn't bother since just about anything you could be looking for can be obtained here.

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    I'll agree with Zookeeper as to what he said. Ivan right here has some of the nicer SPS I have ever ordered. I highly recommend him. No vendors in the States will ship over the border. This is something that has to stay within the countries because of the whole CITIES thing. You can't even cross the border with anything as they will confiscate it and slap you with a heavy fine along with possibly confiscating your car.

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    I have ordered livestock from many vendors including Ivan. I have also ordered livestock from other hobbiests, and I have never had a problem. I have also ordered in the cold with no problems.


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    I've ordered twice from J&L with good success. I pick up the package at Dorval at the Air Canada cargo. Corals are generally nice (nicer than found locally, except for le Corail). I've haven't ordered livestock from Ivan yet.

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