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    DIY Canopy Question - Fans and Cooling

    Greetings All,

    Getting started ont he canopy tonight for my new 125.

    Will be housing 3 250W MHs and I'm concerned about the heat.

    The retro kit came with two large fans, not sure of the exact size but i can check when I get home if its an issue...

    My question is in terms of placement, do you think it would be best to mount in the canopy above the lights with the air blowing down on the lights and water or on either side of the canopy? Should both fans blow in/out or alternating in and out?

    The plan is to build an entirely closed hood over the aquarium, but will take your suggestions into consideration.


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    IMO have the fans on the side or back aiming in across. using a fan to exhaust the canopy at that close rang will probaly result in shortened lifespan due to salt. Its amazing how the salt can creap!

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