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    Question about Hyposalinity

    I have noticed what seems like ick on my Tang and was wondering if I can get some feedback on what my best option is.  I have decided to treat this with Hyposalinity.  I have a 55 gallon with a 10 gallon sump.  The majority of my rock was base rock which I seeded with pieces of "live rock".  I have button polyps, blue mushrooms, hariry mushrooms, 2 yellow-tail damsels, 1 yellow tang, 1 flame angel, blue-legged, red-legged, left-handed crabs, margarita snails, turbo snails, nasserus snails, and asteres snails.  I was going to move my fish into a Q tank and leave my snails, crabs, and corels in the main tank.  I'm now wondering if I should leave the fish in the main tank and lower the specific gravity to 1.009 and move the inverts and corels to the Q tank. I have not picked up a Q tank yet, the only tank I have available for this is a 5.5 gallon which I know is too small for my fish.  I also think it is too small for my inverts. So here are my questions

    If I leave the rock in the main tank while under hyposalinity, will I lose the coraline algae?  I know I will lose whatever invert inhibit the rock but I only really care about my crabs and snails.

    What size tank would be suitable for 10 crabs and 20 snails?

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    Re: Question about Hyposalinity

     I think it's a bad idea to mess with your reef for one fish. I would definitely reconsider. Fish that get sick in my tank are on their own as I will not compromise the reef. You have to catch and treat this fish alone.
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    Re: Question about Hyposalinity

    I agree with trueperc on taking this sick fish out and treating him.

    One thing i noticed missing from your setup is cleaner shrimp... it a bit late now that one of your fish has gotten sick but if you had a couple cleaners in youir tank this might of been avoided.

    I have 3 cleaners in my main tank who setup cleaning stations.  Every once in a while I'll notice a fish go in here and the shrimp pick parasites off of them.  So far I've been lucky... I havent had to QT any of the fish.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Question about Hyposalinity

    Hyposalinity is a drastic move on your tank.  This should only be done in a QT tank as a last resort.  If the ich is bad, get the tang into a small 20 gallon or so QT tank, with a few scrap rocks, and do a copper treatment.

    My tangs get ich every once in a while, and what I do is first...
    1. Soak mysis shrimp in juice of garlic for days.  Garlic helps get rid of ich naturally.

    2. If this doesn't work, half dose the tank with Greenex for 4-5 days.  

    3. Remove to the QT and start copper treatment.  Try garlic first.  

    Tangs are notorious for getting ich.  If they are stressed at all, they will get it.  make sure they aren't being harrassed int he tank to any extreme.  Water temp drop is also a big one to watch.  Good Luck.  let me know how it works.  I've beat ich on my tangs several times...
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    Re: Question about Hyposalinity

    As IJO mentioned, a cleaner shrimp may help (key word may). Other then that as mouse mentioned the garlic actually works. Also make sure your water parameters are good.
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