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    where to direct the flow

    Powheads, closed loops, returns and surge tanks. 4 ways we simulate real current. sorry, try. far from real. has anyone mastered the flow? does it matter where your corals are or is there a ideal way to set up your pumps? does it matter if you have flow only on the top half or must you have flow on the bottow us well? how much gph per would be good for my 90 gallon. my JBJ just crapped out on me. sounds like a harley davidson and I need to buy a big pump and want to do it right. but ive been staring at the tank for an hour trying to figure out how to design my closed loop so a Mag12 will evenly flow out current. anyone REALLY happy with there flow pattern? let me know what your doing i just bought a swirl and a rat and what to incorporate the SQWD into it. any suggestions will help me to stop staring blankly at my tank. thanx

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    Well if you want to simulate nature as best as you can, why not go with what you know? When standing in the ocean waves come to shore on the top of the water and then there is an undertow (just above the sea floor), which caries the water back out. So I would have a powerhead near the surface Going in one direction and then another near the bottom facing the opposite direction.

    You could probably also do this with a closed loop, using the intake to create the undertow and the out to create a wave effect.

    Not sure how realistic these ideas would work as I am just fine tuning my tank as well, but thats my 2 cents.
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    when blowing the current over the surface, you will naturally have a counter-current on the bottom. placing a powerhead near the bottom may just end up blowing your sand up all over the place.
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