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    Corals only Aquarium. Information.

    When doing a coral only tank, how often do you do water changes, protein skimming, and filtering set ups. There obviously aren't the loads that when you have fish involved. So just in the making of maybe doing a coral only tank.
    Thanks for any information.

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    Kevin .. In a traditional DSB reef setup fish numbers are supposed to be keep rather low. Other then the food that you will need in the water column for the corals to feed on the water should be pretty pristine. I would set up the way most who keep corals and fish do and follow the same maintenance regimes. the only difference is that your tanks water will be just that much cleaner.

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    Thanks Rob, what I am doing is using a rubber pond set up( 220 gallon) for growing frags. And a smaller rubber maid container for more live rock/filtering, that the larger pond with drain down to. I'll do all my heaters, skimmers ect in this area.
    I have been buying up a small collection of corals to frag with in the last few months. Seems I first got into the salt water forthe fish, and now have slowly been getting very interesting in the corals and producing of them...

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    I'd keep up with water changes, maybe light on the skimming, but Salty is right, I think, basically the same type of maintenance.

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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    I have a 230 gallon tank with a 150 gallon sump. The tank only has one tang in it, and I only plan to add one more tang. I want too keep the fish load very low on this tank.

    I treat this tank just as if It had a large fish load. I have a 6' skimmer, I siphon out detris every second day because it's a BB tank. I also run a small amount of carbon in the tank.

    You also have to take into consideration that corals need to eat too. Some eat more than others but the food you feed your corals will turn to waste as well.


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    cable guy could i see a pic of your tank/setup if its not to much trouble
    What do you call a fish with no eyes?

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    Sorry if this post is a little off, but what's the best method for feeding corals? They all tend to eat different and surely you can't hand feed them all!

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