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    Cleaning a tank ??

    I have a 10G hospital tank that I need to clean out. The tank was treated with meds prior...I read that most people use vinegar and it works quite well, although I can't stand the smell of vinegar nor silicone, the smell is horrible!!!

    I also saw on here and other places that some use bleach to clean equipment AND/OR bleach base rocks, most likely diluted and as long as you rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse it should be fine... If I can avoid vinegar id rather...Any suggestions ??


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    You can bleach the rock if you like but one of the steps with bleaching is usually to SUN dry the rock after risings a lot and then rinse again. i used to do this kind of stuff in the summer time on a hot sunny day and hose the bleached rock off in the lane way. As for items that will not absorb the bleach go ahead but again rinse .. rinse ... rinse . There should be NO smell of bleach when your done.

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    If you do a decent rinse of the things, just let it sit for a few weeks as chlorine has the amazing ability to disperse rather fast and quite well when exposed to the air.
    You can also try muriatic acid which is sold in the plumbing sections of H Depot and reno, etc... Rinse well too afterwards and use gloves.., this stuff burns your skin.

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