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    how to bring back a dieing coral

    I have a donut coral that has been with me for over a year. I've noticed for the past week it hasn't expanded, and today part of its skeleton is showing onthe one corner. I think it might be from a cynarina I put too close. What is the best way to nurse it back, it doesn't seem to be interested in any food. It really don't want to lose it because it is a bright pink colour that I've never seen before. thanks

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    Optimum water conditions, time, and hope. I'd continue to offer it food now and then, maybe something different than it's used to to tempt it to eat. I lost an aqua turbinaria to a sting from a favia once. It didn't seem like a bad sting but the coral just never recovered. I've had other corals that have been stung multiple times and it doesn't seem to phase them much at all. Hope your donut makes it.

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    It looks like it's done for good. Just a matter of time now. Hopefully I can find a replacement someday.

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