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    Propagating Ricordias

    Hi All,

    I have a single blue Ricordia that I got from Big Al's many moons ago. Has anybody tried fragging a Ricordia? Was it successful? suggests cutting the cap off. The cap is then fixed to a rock. A new Ricordia will grow on what is left of the foot on the rock. Another site suggests to pry the whole Ricordia from the rock and cut it in two or four pieces through the center (like a pie). Ouch! Will any of these techniques actually work?????

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    I have used both methods with good results. I just fragged a pink ric by cutting the head off.

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    My single ricordia that I bought two months ago has since sprouted three more mouths, and has already split into two, both with two mouths. I also have another type of ricordia I think it is called a Yuma, I'va had it the same amount of time, and it looks exactly the same as it did when I got it. I'd love to speed it up but am afaid to lose it.

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