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Thread: Salt mixes

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    Salt mixes

    Here are a couple of links I was just checking out. Makes you wonder sometimes why we run into so many probablems. Well this might bring some answers, as not one salt is really that close, especially in the trace elements. Maybe the best solution would be to combine 2 different brands together and maybe get a better result then just using one brand.

    I'm trying a red sea, IO mix, I'll let you know how it works, or doesn't work. :bawling:
    55 Gallon w 22 lbs of live sand and 40 lbs of crushed coral.
    60 lbs of live rock. 220 watts PC lighting.

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    Why not just stick with one and then add the missing trace elements and buffer how you need.
    Also you might want to be very careful mixing salts, some people have had scare results just doing one water change with a different brand.
    Also I have seen that before, but you might want to do your own testing, as this was done in 99.
    I did a ca test on IO and the Ca was 400.

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    I'm with powder blue on this. I find for myself that maintenance including water changes is more likely going to get done if it is kept simple and easy.

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