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Thread: Green Algae

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    Angry Green Algae

    My glass along with my protein skimmer intake sponge get covered with algae every day! i have to clean the sponge twice a day or the skimmer cant take in any water (but i am thinking of upgrading my seaclone100 to the AquaC Remora Pro as everyone seem to believe it is the best). I also wash off the filter pads of my power filter to wash off all the alage blocking the water flow. How do i stop this algae from coming back so much and so fast?
    i have my 72 gal reef tank running since may. i originally started it with tap water the first time, then used only RO/DI for everything else as soon as i learned of its importance. For top/off and water changes. my phosphates were high but now i have gotten them down to zero. amonia, nitrites and nitrates are also at zero as well as my silicate. SG is 1.023 and temp is 80F. i keep phosguard running in my emporer filter to make sure they stay at zero along with some "Renew" in addition to the carbon in the Emporer filter cartridges. i have my lighting down to 12 hours of PowerComact Actinic and 10 of those hours also have 10,000K power compact.
    What is causing all this algae (green algae) and how do i control it?
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    I would try adding some snails. Astrea, Margarita, Turbo, and cerith snails will help keep your glass clean. Its amazing how snails keep everything looking clean. Also try lowering your lighting period... see what 8 hours does.


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    i have decreased my lighting period, removed my sand-sifting-star (so that my copepods can thrive) added more copepods (who eat algae), cleaned out my canister filter, and kept the intake of my skimmer and emporer clean, while constants blowing the algae off my rocks with a turkey baster, and also added a Red-Sea-Sailfin Tang (which loves to eat algae).
    After ALL that, i am begining to notice a decrease in my algae growth. so anyone with the above problem can try any or all of these suggestions and enjoy the results.

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